On the Issues

Lower Taxes and Less Regulation: Travis has fought every year in Tallahassee to lower taxes on Florida’s families and business while lessening the regulatory burden on those starting or growing a business. His legislation streamlined regulation to safely and quickly equip Florida with 5G, allowing Florida consumers and businesses to be on the cutting edge of 21st century technology.

Honoring Our VeteransTravis will continue to fight to make Florida the most Veteran friendly state. That’s why he championed and passed the Stolen Valor Act, prohibiting anyone from claiming to have served in the military, embellishing any rank attained, or fraudulently claiming to have received a valor award, when done so with the intent to obtain personal benefit.

Protecting the 2nd AmendmentWe have a right and responsibility to protect ourselves and our families from harm.

Travis is a strong advocate for our right to bear arms, receiving high praise from the NRA throughout his legislative career for his efforts including supporting campus carry.

Travis has also pledged to support constitutional carry legislation.

Improving HealthcareTravis opposes a government takeover of our healthcare system. He has championed legislation providing free market solutions that increase access to good, quality healthcare including passing a bill that authorizes pharmacists to test for and treat influenza and streptococcus this past session. He has also supported our frontline nurses by prohibiting the state from revoking their licenses just because of a default on student loans.

Investing in Our Teachers and Preparing Our Students: In order to attract and retain the best teachers for our students, Travis knows we must invest in them. That’s why he voted to make Florida teachers starting salary among the highest in the country at $47,500. His past legislation has made it easier for those with real world professional STEM experience to teach. In addition, he continued the legacy of Senator Dorothy Hukill and passed a bill in her memory requiring high schools to offer a course in financial literacy so young adults are prepared to take control of their financial future.

Expanding Vocational and Career Training: Travis knows not everyone needs a four year degree to be successful. That’s why he has passed bills expanding vocational and technical education, apprenticeships, career academies and workforce training in our schools so our children can learn a trade or get a professional certificate in order to find good, high paying jobs in our community. Florida’s future workers need to have as many options as possible to make a good living, and Travis’s legislation has focused on giving those options to every student in Florida.

Affordable Workforce Housing: Travis has worked in Tallahassee to address the housing crisis in our community and our state. This past session, he sponsored and passed the most sweeping reform to Florida housing in years providing local control, flexible but targeted incentive spending, regional and state best practices and updated data reporting. These changes will encourage the start and speed the completion of affordable housing so that our essential workers and the families they support can actually live in the communities they serve without living paycheck to paycheck due to high housing costs.

Protecting Our EnvironmentAs a lifelong First Coast resident, Travis understands how important our environment is to our way of life. He has fought to restore our beaches after hurricanes and to protect our waterways and greenspaces for future generations.